KSena (kseenaa) wrote in turningpirate,

*poke poke* This thing still on?

I was thinking it the other day actually, since... I've actually followed a bit about the drama here and there about the next PotC movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man Tell No Tails... Or, as the new name is, Salazar's revenge.

I'm a bit sad Keira Knightly is not going to join in, but I am very intrigued that our own Ferryman is a part of it, Orlando Bloom.

I'll admit, I am a bit worried how they'll deal with the fact he is Captain of the Flying Dutchman, Ferryman of the dead. I've always loved that and my headcanon is wast. But... What will the movie itself do with it? I never liked On Stranger Tides really, so yeah... Nervous. But excited, because Will Turner. :-P

But that's not the only thing, there'll be two generations of Turners in this, isn't there? Henry Turner will be a part of the story to! INTERESTING!!!!! VERY MUCH!!!

And now there's a trailer as well, and I have to say... It's looking GOOD!

I'm carefully optimistic and very curious... How about you guys?

Can never go wrong with undead pirates, right? ;-D
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