Veronica Rich (veronica_rich) wrote in turningpirate,
Veronica Rich

Happy anniversary - er, um, ARRRRRRR!

You all may not realize it, but I did not forget ... turningpirate turns 10 years old this month. In fact, it was just a few days ago!

I've spent a couple of weeks trying to think of something I could do to celebrate, but didn't really come up with anything. Given the age and lack of activity here in the past few years (which is natural given it's been a decade since Will Turner showed up in canon), coupled with RUSSIA and LJ being a thing, there might not even be many people who see this post.

But, I thought I might amuse anyone who wants to stop by by reposting some old macros and photos. Feel free to add your own in the comments, or photos, whatever. :-)

 photo puckerupbuttercup.jpg

 photo tpmacro2.jpg

Remembering one of our members dragging Will Turner into a production of "Rocky Horror Picture Show" live:
 photo DSCN3528.jpg

Will taking over a Chicago Starbucks shortly before the 2008 election:
 photo 100_0541.jpg

A bunch of us at TurnerCon 2008 in downtown Chicago, on Halloween:
 photo 100_0233.jpg
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