pluto1331 (pluto1331) wrote in turningpirate,

Missing Fics


I hope this is an allowed type of posting, but this community was recommended to me as perhaps being able to help locate an old fic, of which I've been missing one chapter for almost a decade... If not, I apologize; I meant no offense.

It's acutally a crossover fic with Master & Commander and POTC written by Bailey called "A Rough Crossing."  I am missing chapter 6.  If anyone has a complete saved copy of this fic, I would be ever so grateful if you would share it!  I would be more than happy to share the completed story as an epub and/or mobi.

I'm also looking for a fic by Jean called "What Heaven Gives" Its description is as follows: "Jack is on the run and in disguise, he ends up on board a ship with Will." The link I found sadly was not archived by the Wayback Machine... Again if shared, I would be happy to reciprocate with and epub and/or mobi!

Thank you in advance for considering my plea!

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