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Veronica Rich

Disney marketing for POTC5

Hola, fellow fans. We haven't had any activity in quite a long while in this community ... which, why would we? There's been nothing new for many a year.

This community will be celebrating 10 years in early 2017, and it's fitting the next POTC movie is scheduled for release the same year and will feature our favorite blacksmith-turned-undead pirate captain. If any of you have any ideas for activities we could do as a community here to take advantage of the anniversary, go ahead and comment.

Social media platforms have changed A LOT since 2007, when LJ still reigned as supreme as the pirate king that year in theaters. Now, of course, well ... let's just say there are many options for fandom to take place elsewhere. Tumblr comes to mind as one that has great potential for Will Turner and POTC fans (and some are already using it, in fact). You can find me over there under the same name I use here. I never did establish a TurningPirate presence on Tumblr because other people seem to be using the name for themselves and I didn't want to confuse any fans ... but if any of YOU have Will-centric Tumblr accounts, you can list in the comments here and perhaps others will come visit you there.

What was making me post today, though, was recent news that forces me to wonder about Disney's use of Orlando Bloom in the marketing of this movie next year. Since the first one in 2003 it's been obvious to market these films on the star power of Johnny Depp - however, the reality is that The Mouse may not be able to rely as exclusively on that as it has for the past three sequels. (Note: I certainly don't want to get in a discussion about what's going on with Depp. Suffice to acknowledge that media circumstances are much different surrounding him than they were 10 or 13 years ago, and that's why I bring this point up.)

Geoffrey Rush certainly has the star power to bear more heavy marketing to pull viewers in, but I wonder how much of a draw it would be to the old guard of fans to tout Bloom's role even if Will Turner isn't onscreen very long? (My argument, of course, is that it should work very well - he's been rather quiet for a few years, taking on mostly smaller roles and being a father to a young son, but his name IS still highly recognizable and I think there's a nostalgia factor that would reward Disney if they play up veterans like him and Rush ... and, at this point, possibly even Kevin as Gibbs.)

I mean, it's not really a secret that Will Turner's going to be back in POTC5, so what do you think? Do you think Disney may lean more heavily on his character and actor in marketing?
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