Veronica Rich (veronica_rich) wrote in turningpirate,
Veronica Rich

Turner's role in POTC5

Last week, my sister sent me a link to some site with a few video bits from POTC5, which I think just wrapped filming. It also contained the cast list, and Orlando has third billing (as well he should!).

I know nothing about his role in this next tale, and I don't know if other fans do or not. Have any of you heard anything solid about what Will's supposed to be doing? More importantly, short of that, do any of you harbor speculations about what the character might be doing in the plot? Or, what would you like to see, short of that (or in addition to)?

As I said in a previous post, I know LJ and this comm is sort of on life-support these days, but maybe we can rustle up a few responses to this post. :-D
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